Zones – ArcheAge Guide


Zones – ArcheAge Guide

Archeage Online boasts a huge map. The map currently consists of 3 continents; Haranya to the east, Nuia to the west and Auroria to the

Archeage Unchained – Cinderstone Moor Exploration Location Guide

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This is the Exploration Guide for Cinderstone Moor. Getting to these locations give you 50 exploration proficiency each.
Using Enhanced Gargoyle Guardian Wings that I got from Archepass.

Before you start, it’s always good to have a sextant when trying to find a location. The sextant tells u the coordinates of where you are standing. You can compare the coordinates to the ones below.

It’s very cheap to make (1 Star Chart from General Merchant + 5 Starshard Ingots + 2 Iron Ingots). After you make it, just click on it and the sextant emote becomes active. You can put it on your bar to check your coordinates.

0:00 Intro
0:08 1. Camp Watchtower (W 7°0’47”, S 16°52’8″)
Top of the watchtower in Burnt Castle Camp.

0:39 2. Overgrown House (W 6°56’38”, S 17°12’34”)
In a house, south of Burnt Castle Camp.

1:17 3. Castlekeep Peak (W 6°50’0″, S 16°18’1″)
On a big rock, north area of Castlekeep Hill, near Eclipse Fields.

2:03 4. Eclipse Field Overlook (W 7°5’8″, S 16°31’34”)
On a hill, west area of Eclipse Fields.

2:42 5. Withered Ancient (W 6°26’14”, S 16°50’47”)
On a big tree, east area of Castlekeep Hill.

3:28 6. Lavastone Crane (W 6°15’42”, S 16°22’46”)
South of Grimsvoten, on top of the crane in Lavastone Crater.

4:21 7. Lava Pool (W 6°15’39”, S 16°24’31”)
In the lava pool at Lavastone Crater.

5:07 8. Seachild Lighthouse (W 5°48’25”, S 16°41’36”)
On top of the lighthouse in Seachild Wharf.

6:25 9. Lava Pressure Regulator (W 6°3’22”, S 16°53’51”)
In Seachild Wharf, right on top of the red metal structure.

7:28 10. Boiling Crater (W 6°31’18”, S 17°37’6″)
In the water, south of Fugitive Road. Look for boiling water coming out of starshard nodes.

8:21 11. Overseer’s House (W 6°18’32”, S 15°36’26”)
In a house in Burnt Castle Serf Quarters, near Orchid Hills.

8:55 12. Burnt Castle Spire (W 5°39’50”, S 15°43’24”)
The tower right above Burnt Castle dungeon.

10:34 13. Ivory Isles Ruins (W 5°20’27”, S 15°57’44”)
On some wrecked wood found on the southern island of Ivory Isles.

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