Fortress of Fear – Dragon Quest XI Guide


Fortress of Fear – Dragon Quest XI Guide

When you approach the ominous-looking castle in the sky, Hero will use the Sword of Light to break the barrier around it. Approach the entrance of the fortress

Dragon Quest XI Let’s Play – Episode 10 – The Fortress of Fear – Mordegon Awaits

Having gained several levels after a grinding session we are now ready to face the challenges that remain inside the Fortress of Fear. Will the luminary be able to defeat Mordegon?

Per the nature of this series Square Enix requires I indicate a spoiler warning here as per their rules for “Video Streaming and Distribution”

Due to a Worldwide block by Square Enix I was forced to delete the original stream and upload this with the ending removed.


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Dragon Quest XI [PS4] Playthrough #122, Fortress of Fear: Floor 4F; Zwaardsrust: X Marks the Spot

This is video #122 in my playthrough of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. I am playing the Western version for the Sony PlayStation 4. I am using the Draconian Quest setting “All Enemies Are Super Strong”. This video does not contain commentary. To view the commentary version, click here:

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Previously, the party explored more of the Fortress of Fear. They reached the central shaft on floor 4F. Just a little bit more, and they will have access to the bosses.

While fighting a Dragooner to get its mount, the party also defeats another Metal King Slime. At Level 55, Rab learns the spell Kazing. At last.

After flying up to floor 4F, the party begins exploring the northern wing. They first go through the western teleportal, which leads to the west wing.

To the northwest, they go out the door to a balcony. There, a chest contains the Poker, a unique spear for Jade or Serena. Normal attacks with this weapon cannot be blocked or parried. For collecting 500 different types of item, the player earns the trophy “Expert Itemologist”.

In the room across from the door to the balcony, there is another pressure plate. Stepping on it raises platforms in the pit in the northern wing.

After returning to the northern wing, the party takes the opposite teleportal to the east wing. In the northeast room, a chest contains the Stardust Sword. Like the Poker, this is a unique weapon.

In the room to the west, there is another pressure plate. This raises more platforms in the pit in the northern wing.

After returning to the northern wing, the party takes the path leading west first. The pressure plate in the western room raises the final set of platforms in the pit.

Next to the northern door, a chest contains four Sage’s Elixirs. It’s getting real!

In the eastern room, there is a pressure plate with red lights around it. Stepping on it deactivates the seal on the northern door on floor 1F.

The party returns to the central shaft and drops down to floor 1F. Through the northern door, they find the last chest in the fortress, which contains a Meteorite Bracer. This accessory provides an agility boost of 100.

Now, the party will go in search of an item that is a bit cryptic to find. First, they Zoom to L’Académie de Notre Maître des Médailles. In the northeast classroom, where the nun is, there is a hint on the chalkboard. It shows an X in the field near the Warrior’s Rest Inn in Zwaardsrust.

Then, the party Zooms to the Warrior’s Rest Inn in Zwaardsrust. In the middle of the wheat field west of the inn, they find Mini Medal #075 hidden. Yay!

Back at L’Académie, the party turns in their Mini Medals to the principal. For turning in 75 Mini Medals, he rewards them with the Circle of Serendipity, which raises the chances of meeting rarefied monsters. Only Davilas can equip it. This completes page 3 of the Album de Médailles, which earns the player the trophy “Chef de Classe de Médailles” (Head of Class of Medals). Page 4 now awaits, but it will not be available until the postgame.

The party flies back to the Fortress of Fear to rest and save. Next time, they will face Mordegon’s final flunky.

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This video is part of my Dragon Quest XI playthrough. I am playing the Western version of the game released for the Sony PlayStation 4 on September 4, 2018. All characters, story, music, artwork, and other components of this game are the property of their respective owners.

Played on the Sony PlayStation 4. Recorded with the Elgato Game Capture HD device and software. Produced with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Dragon Quest XI – Episode 52『Fortress of Fear』

We battle through the Lord of Shadow’s lair and have a final battle with Jasper.

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DRAGON QUEST XI – English Walkthrough Part 27 – Fortress of Fear & Jasper Boss (PS4 PRO)

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