Comic-Con 2022: Exclusive Marvel Funko Pop! Figures Include Spider-Man 2099 and Loki Villains

Comic-Con 2022: Exclusive Marvel Funko Pop! Figures Include Spider-Man 2099 and Loki Villains

youtube can exclusively reveal the Marvel-themed Funko Pop! toys exclusive to Comic-Con 2022, including multiple Loki villains and a Spider-Man figure pulled straight from the Insomniac games.

The Top 10 Action Figures of Q3 2022!

So many awesome figures hit the shelves over the last 3 months. Which ones were the highlights??
00:00 Intro
01:00 Honorable Mentions
12:26 The Top 10
Reviews for figures mentioned…
Mezco Wolverine
RYV Spider-Man
RYV Spinerette
Select Hulk
Storm Shadow

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XM Studios Full Gallery Tour! | Marvel, DC, Transformers, X-Men, Spider-man

I hope you guys enjoy this full gallery tour of the brand-new XM Studios Gallery Store! It’s home to more than 300 collectibles and statues from licenses such as Marvel comics, DC Comics, Transformers, Star Wars, Aliens & Predator, Godzilla and much more. The store is organised into sections such as the epic diorama section, a whole room full of X-Men, a huge collection of Spider-Man and villains and so on. I’ve added chapters to the video to help you navigate a bit easier since I know it’s a long video. I’ve also deliberately done this as a full tour walkthrough of the store so that you get a feel for the store and an idea of the layout. There are so many beautiful statues in the store and I wanted to give you guys a review of every single statue in this beautiful statue collection. I’m also going to try to list every statue in the video below, so you can reference what section they are in.

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I really hope you enjoyed this XM Studios full gallery tour!

00:00 Intro
00:27 Hulkbuster & War Tank
01:23 Maestro on Throne
02:10 Justice League vs Darkseid
02:42 Marvel Incl Cable & Apocalypse
08:53 Batman Dark Knights Metal
11:31 Batman Sanity & X-Men vs Sentinel
13:36 Avengers
17:19 It’s raining X-Men!
23:44 Classic XM Marvel
29:48 Magdalena & Angelus
30:37 Magic the Gathering
31:27 Star Wars
32:49 Alien & Predator
34:05 Witchblade & Darkness
35:38 Batman Samurai (and friends)
41:38 Transformers, Roll Out!
46:00 DC Comics 1/6 scale
52:05 DC Comics 1/4 scale
55:52 Spider-Man and villains
1:00:55 LBS Thor & Captain America
1:02:04 Godzilla & Ultraman
1:05:51 Wonder Woman Courage (Color)
1:07:36 Outro

Entrance section:
Hulkbuster + Iron Man
War Machine + War Tank
Maestro on Throne
Justice League vs Darkseid diorama
Cable with Hope (Hope was not on display)
Dawn of X Magneto
Thanos & Lady Death
Super Skrull
Ghost Rider on Horse
Planet (Gladiator) Hulk
Captain Marvel
Red Skull
Ultimate Captain America
Marvel Now (White) Magneto
Archangel X-Force Version
Darth Revan
Darth Malak
Classic Catwoman

Batman Dark Knights Metal Statues:
Red Death
Batman Who Laughs
Batman Who Laughs (Death Metal Version)
Merciless Version A (Blue)
Merciless Version B (Red)
The Dawnbreaker
Murder Machine
Barry Allen Version B (Gold)

Diorama Section:
Justice League vs Darkseid faux bronze
Wonder Woman Courage Marble Version
Batman Sanity Color Version
Batman Sanity Smoke Version
X-Men vs Sentinel diorama

Avengers Statues:
Groot & Rocket
Classic Iron Man
Ghost Rider on Bike
Black Widow
Captain America Sentinel of Liberty
Black Panther
Scarlet Witch
Moon Knight
Black Bolt

X-Men statues:
Classic Archangel
Professor X (Hoverchair version)
Magneto on Throne
Yellow Wolverine
Weapon X
Emma Frost (White Queen)
Dark Phoenix
Brown Wolverine

General Marvel Statues:
Iron Fist
Beta-Ray Bill
Iron Man MK 42
Dr Strange
Winter Soldier
Omega Red
Jean Grey Phoenix (Green)
Ms Marvel
Namor (on OCTOPUS!)

Top Cow statues:

Star Wars statues:
Luke on snowspeeder
Boba Fett
Vader trio
Darth Maul

Magic the Gathering statues:
Liliana Vess
Chandra Nalaar

Alien & Predator statues:
Predator warrior
Predator King on Throne
Alien Hive Warrior Black
Alien Hive Warrior Brown
Alien Warrior (coffee shop section)

Batman Samurai Statues:
Red Hood
Batman Samurai
Batman Shugo
Batman Shogun
Yakuza Joker
Harley Quinn
Poison Ivy
Batman White Knight on Motorcycle

Transformers statues:
Optimus Prime Bust
Megatron Bust
Rodimus Prime
Optimus Prime
Nemesis Prime

DC ¼ Scale statues:
Green Lantern Kyle Rayner
Lobo on Spacebike
Batman Dark Knight Returns
Flash Classic
Reverse Flash Classic
Swamp Thing

Spider-Man statues:
Spider-man and Mary Jane Diorama
Spider-Man Classic
Iron Spider-Man
Spider-man 2099
Spider Gwen
Green Goblin
Black Cat
Dr Octopus

Godzilla 1994 version
Space Godzilla
2001 Godzilla Bust
Shin Godzilla Bust

Reception desk section:
Wonder Woman Courage (color version)
Hulk Transformation
Batman Shugo
Captain America (flag version)

SPIDERMAN Across The Spiderverse Official Trailer Breakdown | First Look Easter Eggs & Reaction

SPIDERMAN Across The Multiverse Spiderverse Official First Look Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs & Things You Missed. Sony has just dropped the first look at Spider-man Across The Spiderverse the Into The Spider-verse sequel at CCXP. In this video we breakdown the clip, point out the easter eggs and give our theories on what could be happening.

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0:00 Spider-Man Into The Spider-verse 2 Intro
0:33 Across The Spider-verse Release Date
0:44 Teaser Trailer Breakdown
2:04 First Look Explained
8:05 Across The Spider-verse First Look Reaction

Ok so the upcoming movie is due to release on October 7th 2022 and though the movie is still shrouded in some mystery there are a lot of things that we can piece together from the clues that we’ve been given. The film has been worked on for 3 years now and you might remember that we actually got a teaser video for it all the way back in November 2019.

It’s wild thinking about all the stuff that’s happened since then and just as a quick refresher of that it basically showed logos that teased all the versions of Spider-man that could be showing up.

This included Miles Morales, potentially Spirit Spider, the 90s cartoon one, Penny Parker, Silk Moon, Japanese Spider-man, secret wars, Spider-gwen who will be voiced by Hailee Steinfeld, Ben Reilly who you’ll probably know as being a clone of Peter Parker and Spider-Man 2099.

Now if you cast your mind back to the ending of the last movie then you’ll probably remember that it involved Miguel O’Hara aka Spider-man 2099. Using a device that actually allowed him to travel through the multiverse he visited the 1960s timeline so I actually think that he might be the one who pulls everyone together. In the first movie everyone was glitching out and this meant that they had a countdown on them but if he’s got a device that stops this it’ll allow them all to interact without having to worry about that. Most sequels tend to forget the rules set up in the first movie which is why we’ve had like 10 Terminator films even though they said no more time travelling in the first one so I do kinda hope they just have a device that stops that.

Now why I think that’s gonna be the case is that in the first look we can see Gwen wearing this when she enter’s Miles room. This can be made out on her wrist and it would also explain how she’s able to jump across the spider-verse at will. When we cut to the action shot from the first look we can also catch Spider-man 2009 busting it out too as he catches Miles and jumps across into another reality.

This device says 928 and just incase you don’t know, earths in the Marvel universe are given designations like this. For example the main timeline is 616 but other realities are divided up into other numbers.

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Exclusive Marvel Funko Figures at SDCC 2022

Funko’s Ashley Anderson dropped by the Marvel booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 to show off a whole slew of amazing new figures including a jumbo Miss Minutes Pop! figure from Marvel Studios’ Loki and more!

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